i miss u!!!! meeee


ISABELLLEEEEEE i think about u sometimes when i see JGJ and like disney world and stuff!! i think you are like the personification of bubbly because like you always seem so positive and i just love you i think that you’re so kind and happy and i hope you and Sairyna are so happy you two are the cutest humans!!! your aesthetic is just so perfect like you seem so content and happy with yourself and that’s so wonderful to see because you totally deserve to feel all the happiness!!! i miss you too darling!!! <3


i’m not even kidding isabelle and i have been following each other since the dark ages (since i was 13 YEARS OLD) and she is consistently one of the most amazing people in the universe like, 

i’m gonna start crying like a big baby soon but seriously

i love all of you and especially isabelle


i guarantee you there is no one in the entire universe more lovely, more kind, more smart and funny than isabelle


ISABELLE you are so so sweet and i’m so glad we followed each other back when you were still linmanuelmiranda (best url ever tbh). idk if i ever told you this but you were part of the reason i got into little mix because i saw you posting about them a lot and i was like wow they sound cool and then i got into their music and the rest is history haha. i’m so glad i got to meet you and hang out with you and sairyna and i hope you guys can come back and visit soon!!! and if not we’ll definitely see each other for leaky!!

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I FEEL LIKE WE SHOULD BE BETTER FRIENDS? i love that we have all the same things in common and we have same friends in common, meaning our paths have crossed multiple times! regardless i’m just glad that you’re here and existing and doing great.

FIRST OF ALL, i admire how fucking wonderful your blog is. like, you tag EVERYTHING and you keep everything so organized. i am totalyl someone who needs organization but i totally bail out last minute and give up. you are an organization icon. on top of all that, i just think you’re super sweet and super wonderful, truly. i think you’re such a good person with a good heart and i hope you keep spreading that around to the world, we could use more of the goodness. (also ps you have a beautiful voice that’s so creepy but i watched a video you posted when you were singing and your voice is fab.)


i just got a wave of isabelle feelings ohmygod isabelle is thE SWEETEST QUEEN she is so sweet and cute and fuNNY AS HECK and so thoughtful and loves stuff so much and i just ohmygod isabelle is the absolute BEST i’m so happy isabelle is my friend she makes me so happy she’s just adorable and awesome and ISABELLE ❤

is it greedy if i say me please??? :U yr a sweetheart and i ahdur you!!!!


NOT GREEDY AT ALL OH MAN ISABELLE YOURE SERIOUSLY THE SWEEEEETEST THING and like crap ur icon is soooo cute baby herc and baby pegasus are sooo important to me and i just think you’re the loveliest person you always reply really sweet things to my posts and you reblog stuff all relevant to my interests and i love talking to you i think you’re sooo interesting and u seem to really /know/ things about the world i rlly admire you hehe!!


I need to say a thing. And I’m not even putting it under a cut.

Watching Broadway Idiot tonight was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had.  I cannot believe that a year of my life was this movie. Was this show, really.  I can’t believe that 3 years later, I am still so emotionally affected by the existence of this show.  …And the show is wonderful, it really is.  And the movie is wonderful, it really is.

BUT THE PEOPLE.  The people are the most important part.  Not the cute boys/girls from the show, but the people I met because of the show.  And then the people I met because of THOSE people. And so on and so on.  My life is literally completely changed because of the people I met when I was loving American Idiot.

I am genuinely grateful to have such beautiful wonderful friends.  I am so lucky to have Kayla and Isabelle. And to have Alaina. And then then all the other people I’ve met because of all of them… Tami and Jonathan and AJ and Sami and Emmy and Caitlin and Tom and fuck literally every person.  All of the people.  And I’m so so happy so many of these people are still in my life, that so many of them are so important to me.

And standing there tonight and crying to Kayla and Tami about how much I love them…. I just… It’s all because of American Idiot.  And that’s the dumbest and best thing ever!!!!


I just want to talk about how much I love Isabelle linmanuelmiranda because she’s super sweet and sometimes writes really cute stuff about her girlfriend and she’s smart and so pretty and she’s stuck by me through so much and I just appreciate her and love her a lot and I feel like I never say it enough so here it is I love you, Isabelle